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Shortly after the events of Kingdom Hearts II, a new threat rises back at Disney castle. A new, powerful darkness has claimed the throne, and is after none other than the heart of Mickey Mouse. Can Sora help Mickey take back his crown and neutralize this new serge of darkness? Uncoventional, yes, but the characters remain true to their personalities, making for a genuinely charming satire of Disney politics (but all the while paying homage to the characters) with the "hearty" stylings of a Kingdom Hearts plot.

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Page 39
Page 39

July 4th, 2010, 9:33 am

Finishing the comic...

Copy/pasted from my deviantART journal:

Yes, I still plan to finish it.
I'm going to sit down one day after I'm done with the Bluewater project [I just got hired to do] and just churn out the remaining pages and wrap the story up, then post them online for you all.
[After a couple weeks of all the pages being online], I will be deleting it entirely.
Two big reasons have prolonged its delays over the years:
•Obviously, other current projects that pay me money, or that can develop my career in general, and...
•the fact that a comic book satirizing Disney company politics (albeit from 4-5 years ago and beyond) might not look too nice in my portfolio whenever I apply for jobs at either Disney or Pixar. Which I have done several times in the past few years, to no avail (not citing the comic as THE reason; but it could be a factor)

When I started it, I was a sophomore in college, with my career a few years ahead of me. The further along I got, the more the latter point sank in as quite the demotivator.

So, long story short, I will finish it in a couple of months, but the last few pages will probably only be available for a couple of weeks. So, go ahead and start archiving the existing pages on your hard drives (for PERSONAL, PRIVATE collecting ONLY, please!) now if you want. A couple months ought to be plenty of time for those that really want it to have their chance to get it.

I really appreciate all the support the comic's garnered over the years, especially in its prime, but I just feel that it's time that I put it away. Thank you all!

February 28th, 2010, 2:53 pm

zomg. it's back?

So, a year and a half after my last empty promise, I've decided to try again.

I just completed a new page of this comic, out of the blue. It will not be up until March 3rd, to give myself a few more days to get some actual "work" work done before I start kicking myself for getting back into this... XD

Still in black and white. Slightly different approach to the lines, again.

I really want this to be completed as much as you guys, I just find it hard to motivate myself to work on this KH comic when I've got my own properties to foster and other freelance work to take care of. Short and simple, I burned out on this project after a while because these characters are not mine, and they're not exactly being used in the most conventional, Disney-approved way. I'll never be able to use this as a portfolio piece, and that right there is mainly what always puts it on the back burner.

I don't know if I've ever tried to explain it before, but there it is.
I'm really going to try and finish it this time, even if it's only one page a week. I'll try to work ahead when I can so that I don't constantly feel pressured to work on getting something out in time that, once again, I can really only illustrate for fun, when I've got so much other stuff I should be working on.

So, starting Wednesday, we'll see how things go. Expect a big, cameo-laden finish and even an appearance by Riku and Kairi, since we've all known they were A-OK by the end of KH2 for years now. (Remember, I started this beast back before KH2 was released, so I had no idea how I should go about incorporating such plot-centric characters such as Riku and Kairi.)

Ta-ta for now. =]

August 11th, 2008, 12:17 pm

Sorry for the hiatus...

Well, I've finished up college, so I'm getting things that need to be done... done.

As of just last week, my priorities list went something like this: [school] > [freelance] > [free time] <=> [personal projects]

Now school's out of the way, so 'Free time' and 'Personal projects' (KH doujin included), move up a rank. Still behind freelance work, but at least they're about interchangeable at second place now...

So I've finally been able to get back to the comic. The end is in sight (I have a feeling I've said that before—but seriously, it's so very near now!).

Obviously, there's been a change in format/style.
The reason I colored it before was because I honestly didn't feel like the lineart could stand up on it's own. But coloring and abrasive special effects take a lot of time.

I'm not completely freed up on time now, so I figured the best way to motivate myself to stick through to the comic's end this time is to change the way I approach it from here out.

While the color is obviously gone, I'm experimenting with some livelier lineart and black/white contrast... somewhat in preparation of an upcoming project.

So, as I know this is probably going to annoy even myself to some degree, apologies in advance for any upcoming inconsistencies in the rest of the comic (not that the first 34 pages didn't have their share, anyway...). Every few pages or so may take on a slightly different look if you're eyeing it carefully. Please try not to mind.

After all, this comic started off as somewhat of an exercise in panel layout and story pacing... Now I'm just adding 'Art/Visual Style/Presentation' to the experiment protocol...

Hope there's still a few of you here on SJ who are looking forward to the end... I appreciate your patience!!


March 28th, 2007, 4:42 am

New Pages coming within the next few weeks...

Well, the comics been rather dead (OK, all the way dead) for about 2 months now, right? Well, I'm on the verge of getting a bunch of work done, and I'm starting a fresh quarter at school, so I'll have a relatively clean slate to work with coming up in the next few weeks.

That means I'll be able to allot some time to the comic again, finally! It's close to the end, so I may even be able to wrap it up with my next little binge of it... We'll see!

Thanks to everyone who's been supporting and following along thus far! I'll try not to disappoint!

December 6th, 2006, 6:03 pm

Updates... uh... updated...

OK, as of now, I'll only be updating this comic every Monday and Thursday, until at least mid-February...

This is just to give me more time to catch up on work and have time for school, so that I'll be able to start making these pages at a more frequent, regular rate once I get caught up to the pages in the 30's...

So, the updates won't be coming as quick, but if all goes well, by the time I need to start producing brand new pages, I'll have enough time to do so.


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